Professional Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

What We Offer

- Hassle-Free Maintenance: Let us handle the dirty work while you relax and admire your thriving fish and vibrant corals.
- Custom Tanks and Installation: Big or small we can handle all your tank needs, you dream we build it!🛠️
- Special Fish Orders: have you been wanting a special fish but can’t seem to find it? We can help🐠 (Full Quarantine available)
- WYSIWYG Coral: we get awesome new corals weekly and the website is updated every Monday!
- Auctions: Don’t miss our Monthly auctions where you can find high end coral for affordable prices

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Our Mission

At Fins Up Reef Co. we're dedicated to transforming saltwater reef tanks into thriving, stress-free underwater paradises. Our main focus is to provide expert care, tailored solutions, and peace of mind, all while fostering a community of happy and informed aquarium enthusiasts.