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Reef Pods

Reef Pods

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 Why Pods?

-Natural Clean-Up Crew: These tiny copepods play a crucial role in maintaining your reef’s balance by consuming detritus, algae, and organic matter.

- Nutrient Control: Tisbe pods assist in nutrient export, helping keep your water parameters stable and pristine.

- Sustains Marine Life: Provide your finned and shelled friends with a continuous source of live food, ensuring a thriving ecosystem.

- Promote Coral Growth: Tisbe Pods contribute to a healthier coral environment, fostering growth and vitality.

- Feed Your Inhabitants: Give your fish, shrimp, and corals a nutritious, live diet that mirrors their natural habitat.

- Enhance Biodiversity: Support a diverse and harmonious ecosystem within your reef tank.

We provide premium, aquacultured Tigriopus Californicus pods, free from harmful chemicals and diseases, ensuring the safety and well-being of your aquatic family.

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